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Nuns auctioning rare baseball card
The card was unknown to the sports-memorabilia marketplace because the nuns' benefactor had owned it since 1936. It has a big crease in the upper right-hand corner, and three of the white borders have been cut off. It has also been laminated.
Brangelina kids get sports memorabilia as Christmas gifts? (Video)
They all cheer as a family for the New Orleans Saints come football season. But collectible sports memorabilia, all alone, does not sound like very fun gifts for young children. That's why the parents are also rumored to have been buying up ...
Louisville football nixes autographs, adds open practice for Sunday's Fan Day
Amid increased scrutiny over student-athlete autograph sales and an NCAA investigation into Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel, the University of Louisvilleā€™s football program will forgo signings at its fan day ... or the sale of memorabilia.
MLB fan: Baseball card shops in Eastern Connecticut
Whether you live in New London County or Windham County, there are five different shops that you can purchase MLB baseball cards from. K&M All Star Sports Located at the Crystal Mall in Waterford, Conn., is K&M All Star Sports. The shop features fresh ...
Sports memorabilia dealers busted for fraud after 'altering world's most expensive baseball card'
Two of America's top sports memorabilia ... baseball trading card, the Honus Wagner T206. It has fetched millions of dollars in a series of high-profile sales since Mastro bought it for $25,000 27 years ago in a memorabilia shop in Hicksville ...
MLB fan in Indy? The best baseball card shops in Indianapolis
There are several local shops that carry a wide range of baseball cards and other sports products ... they also carry football, basketball, hockey and other memorabilia. James McWhorter and the other employees are devoted to the shop.